Posted by: Nancy Day-Achauer | June 18, 2010

Thoughts on Fathers’ Day

     I’ve been preparing the Sunday service for Fathers’ Day and while doing so I was reminded of how lucky I am. I am lucky because my father is still alive and relatively healthy. I am lucky because my father was always around. I am lucky because my father did his job – meaning he took care of his family rather than neglect or abuse us. I am lucky because my father taught us things, all sorts of things (including things I didn’t appreciate at the time). I’m lucky because my siblings and I could count on our dad to be a dad even when it was inconvenient, boring, expensive, and a pain in the neck. Yep, I’m lucky.

     Unfortunately, there are many people who have not been as lucky so Fathers’ Day is a difficult day for them. Some fathers have died or gone off to war and their children miss them. Tragically, some fathers neglect and/or abuse their children. Some fathers choose to be absent either physically or emotionally. Some fathers do unspeakable things to their children. Some fathers are selfish and immature and fail to take care of their children. Some fathers just aren’t good at the job and don’t bother to try. I won’t pretend to understand how the children of these men feel but I’m thinking Fathers’ Day really sucks for them because it’s a public reminder that their fathers failed them.

     I bet there are also some fathers out there who are regretting that they weren’t as good of a father as they should have been and this holiday is stirring up feelings of shame and remorse. It must be a tough day for fathers who have regrets. But Fathers’ Day must also be difficult for some good dads out there – fathers whose children have died, fathers whose children live far away, and fathers who are estranged from their children through no fault of their own. This holiday is difficult for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons and it’s easy for the rest of us to forget that.

     This Fathers’ Day, in addition to celebrating, lets remember to be sensitive to those people struggling with this holiday and hold them in prayer. Let’s also pray for those men out there who need to learn how to be a good dad, may they be open to God’s help. And don’t forget that all those good dads out there need prayers too, it’s a tough job and they’re doing it. And whatever kind of father you are – God loves you and God’s grace is available to you. I pray that everyone is open to experiencing God’s grace this Fathers’ Day.




  1. Thanks for sharing… perhaps because you expressed more elegantly some of my own thoughts and reflections regarding this day…

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