Posted by: Nancy Day-Achauer | November 2, 2009

In a Funk

     I haven’t been in a writing mood lately; hence, the infrequent blog posts. I debated about forcing myself to post something each week but quickly changed my mind. Instead, I’ve been pondering why I’ve been in a funk about writing which got me thinking about whether Jesus ever found himself in a funk. Jesus got a lot of flak from people about his ministry and it had to wear on him. We know he got frustrated sometimes but did he ever get in a funk and lack motivation? Did he tire of all the flak he got for doing his job?

     We know that Jesus got a lot of flak from people; the Bible is upfront about it. A lot of people wanted things to stay the way they were and to do things the way they’d always done them, but Jesus spoke about changing the status quo and that makes people mad. Jesus was always talking about personal transformation and accountability but people liked the way they were so they took offence. Jesus was always telling people what they needed to hear rather than what they wanted to hear and people hate that. The leaders gave him flak and so did some of the people and I suspect that he was weary from it.

     Have people changed or is Jesus still weary? Is the behavior of our churches (thoughts, actions, and inactions) wearing Jesus down and putting him in a funk or have we pushed the envelope to the point where he’s weeping in frustration? Are we willing to be the church Christ calls us to be? Will our heartfelt answer put Jesus in a funk?



  1. The religious leaders gave Jesus flack all the time. Through in disciples that didn’t get it and it’s a wonder that Jesus had any hair left to pull out. But Jesus was also good at taking time to pray, often alone. When dealing with difficult people, it’s probably best to start with a gracious God.

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