Posted by: Nancy Day-Achauer | July 18, 2009

Beyond Words

I recently got together with some friends for a spiritual discipline retreat. It was a day of simply being with God. No intellectual analysis, no heady discussions, just being in community with one another and with God. We made a commitment to gather once a month with our spiritual director and just be. It sounds kinda silly – scheduling time just to be and needing a director to help us do that – but that’s what we need. We need someone to keep us focused; otherwise, we start doing instead of being. There is a wonderful sense of both inner peace and joy that comes from intentionally spending time just being with God and we don’t want to get so busy doing that we forget.

I have discovered that when I have intentional “being” time with God I become artistic. I draw or paint which is weird because I’m not artistic in that way. I’m known for saying, “I don’t do crafts.” I wonder why I create pictures at times like this and the only reason I can think of is that I feel compelled to express emotions that I can’t fully express in words. I frequently create variations of a picture of myself being fully engulfed in a massive hug by a faceless someone. The picture is of me being embraced by God in the biggest, warmest, most joyful and loving hug imaginable and the feeling is so intense that it flows out beyond the embrace. The feeling is so wonderful, so intense that I cannot fully express it in words so I draw it.

That’s how I feel about God and I cannot find words that express feelings that are greater than wonderful, joyful, loving, and peaceful. There simply aren’t any words in our vocabulary that are adequate to express what it feels like to be loved by God. So I keep drawing and painting my little primitive pictures of me being loved by God.

I hope that you allow yourself to be loved by God so you too can experience these feelings that are beyond words. If you’re not “feeling it” it’s not because God isn’t there. God is always there waiting to give you that “big hug.” Sometimes we need people to help us find the way to this experience. There are many ways to find God and be with God and it’s okay to ask for help along the way. There are friends that can help you, churches and pastors that can help you, and spiritual directors that can help you. I’ll help you, just ask and be open to allowing it to happen.

I pray that you are feeling hugged by God today. Grace and peace.


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