Posted by: Nancy Day-Achauer | June 30, 2009

Building Upon a Foundation

While walking this morning I noticed that a building contractor was excavating a lot in preparation for building a new house. There were these monster machines moving massive amounts of dirt in a very careful and precise manner thus enabling others to build a foundation for the house. This work is not unlike our faith journey. We sometimes have to dig deep, clawing out the dirt in our lives while being careful not to destroy the surrounding soil that supports us below the surface. We remove the unnecessary dirt, discarding it to be hauled away. Some of the dirt we keep and use to buttress the foundation we are erecting up out of the hole. I consider the other homes that have been built around me and how each stage of their existence can serve as a metaphor for our faith journey.

We all have some dirt in our lives that needs to be removed and I am forever thankful that God has helped me excavate the dirt in my life. The dirt has been replaced with a foundation of faith that supports me. The life I have built upon this foundation has many rooms and many functions. I have been upgraded, updated, redecorated, remodeled, and repaired over the years and all of that work has been supported by my faith foundation. God is always there supporting me at all times.

I am dependant upon my foundation. My foundation doesn’t rule me but it does provide a safe parameter for me – it’s in my best interest to build within the parameter of my foundation. If I try to build beyond my foundation I will fall and if I neglect or abuse my foundation I will eventually crumble. I also have a tremendous amount of freedom with what I choose to build. Unlike building a house, I do not have a blueprint to follow so I can be original, creative, and spontaneous. There are some building codes that must be followed but those codes will make things better, they’re not restrictive, they help me avoid mistakes that can be detrimental.

I’m still building upon my foundation even though things may sometimes appear to be unchanged. There’s always some way that I can improve and there’s always some repair and routine maintenance that needs to be done. Mostly, I don’t want to become dilapidated – I want to be the best that I can be.

I pray that everyone will take time to consider the foundation they have been building upon. I hope that all of you will become the best you can be. If your foundation is weak or non-existent, know that God wants to come into your life and be there for you. Even if you have built a house of cards upon sandy soil or a cesspool, God can come in and hold you up while a new foundation is built beneath you. All you need to do is say yes to God and then allow God to work in you.

I wish you grace and peace as you build your life and may God be your foundation.



  1. Hi Nancy,
    I have been meaning to let you know how much I enjoy your blogs. They make my day when I read them and leave me much to mull over as I go about my day. They are truly inspiring and I thank you. Bless you. Bettimae

  2. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

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