Posted by: Nancy Day-Achauer | May 19, 2009

Knocked Off the Mountain Top

It’s Tuesday and I’m feeling a little guilty about not having anything profound to blog about. Which gets me thinking, does everything spiritual need to be profound? Do I need to have a deep thought or awesome spiritual insight every week or can I just be average this week? In my search for mountain top moments I might be missing a lot of good sacred stuff along the way. Most of our spiritual life is spent on the plateaus, those times between mountain top experiences. Does my longing for the mountain top imply that I have devalued the plateau (or maybe worse yet, never valued the plateau)?

Mountain top experiences are fun and exhilarating, it’s easy to understand why we seek them but I suspect we might be short changing ourselves when our mountain top focus causes us to miss the value of our plateaus. Our most precious relationships spend most of their time on the plateaus of life. For example, you know you’re truly in love with someone when mundane activities are enjoyable simply because they are spent with your beloved. I know this about relationships yet I forget this when it comes to my relationship with God. 

God is always with us; therefore, God is present in the mundane as well as the awesome experiences in life. I need to remember that God is with me right now in this little office even though nothing spectacular is happening. I need to be open to experiencing God’s quiet and uneventful presence instead of expecting God to prove God’s presence to me by making it a mountain top experience. As I wrote that last sentence I became aware that my desire for the mountain top may be a desire for God to give me a sign, some sort of proof that it’s God connecting with me. I suddenly feel kinda sick to my stomach, why should God prove anything to me? Who do I think I am? Ouch, I stand convicted of my own arrogance. God doesn’t need to prove anything to me. God accepts me for who I am and I should do the same with God. If God wants to quietly be in the room with me doing nothing in particular I should simply enjoy the company instead of asking for proof. I guess I need humility more than a mountain top.


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