Posted by: Nancy Day-Achauer | May 13, 2009

Vision Inspired by Julian of Norwich

This vision came during a Julian of Norwich Retreat on May 8, 2009 while sitting in front of the window in the MTSO Centrum and gazing across the landscape. I wrote while the vision was occurring.

There is great comfort in God’s elements of nature.
Gazing out the window, being drawn into the depth of nature
Across the lawn past the birdfeeder that nourishes God’s creation.
The lawn stretches soft green, tactile past a tree.

The tree is strong and protective, sheltering.
The bark rough and moving with texture,
Leading me up to branches that envelope and embrace,
Leaves that brush, tickle and caress
Damp from the rain
Feeling cool on my skin, leaving moisture on my flesh.
I sit in the tree embraced by God’s arms,
Supported by strong branches,
Engulfed in twigs, leaves and branches.
Insignificant and yet integral without which there would be no tree no embrace.

I repose and enjoy the feeling of total embrace by God’s creation.
I glance down at the shrubs and small plants below
Separate from me and yet a part of my enclosure.
All the trees around, the shrubs, the plants reaching, stretching up,
Weaving invisible extensions of themselves
Into my cocoon of God in the tree.
Wrapping around me, soothing me, caressing me, comforting me.

I feel the breeze, slight and gentle, whispering through the leaves and branches.
Seeking me out and yet passing by me,
Loving me, kissing me with a whispering touch.
Refreshing me – cool and tingling, blowing back my hair.

Others come up into the tree and join me silently.
Sharing God’s embrace, separate and yet one.
Laying against the branches
With the breeze gently caressing them and the leaves brushing softly.
We commune silently as one and they vanish,
Leaving me alone and yet not alone in the embrace of God through the tree.

Gentle rain falls cool and refreshing, dripping down
Cleansing my soul of all that disturbs
All that injures
All that prevents wholeness
Gently washed away.
God’s tears for me,
God’s aching for me to be one with God,
healed, whole with the heart of Christ.
Loving tears.

And God reaches down with God’s own invisible arms and engulfs me.
Like a big Italian grandmother embracing her grandchildren
Who become swallowed up in her arms and bosom.
God’s arms – invisible and yet warm and weighty
A gentle weight like a thick down comforter in winter.
I snuggle in – engulfed, surrounded, no part untouched
With God’s chin resting atop my head.
All comforting, all nurturing, all loved, all forgiven
Made whole –knit with God.

Though comforted, compelled to leave and re-enter creation of which I belong.
The separation is not complete
An invisible thread of God is attached to my being, maintaining the connection.
An extension of God.
God’s energy flowing out from God
Through the thread into me and out.
Out of my fingers, my chest, my face –
Spreading God out into the world – ever flowing.
A fluid conduit of God’s loving essence.
It extends out like light
No end, no narrow defined form, like sunlight not flashlight.
Penetrating through everything
Nothing so solid God’s light cannot pass through.

I see Christ
Standing between me and God with the thread going through him
And the energy, the essence of God flowing, bursts into greater energy
And the Holy Spirit joins like a rush of wind
All bursting out rushing through the thread,
Through me and out into the universe.
The brightness grows and explodes but does not blind
It reaches out to all of humanity.
All are warmed enlightened, loved and
Know God.



  1. thank you.

  2. peaceful…

  3. Yeah, It’s a great vision, thanks a lot.

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