Posted by: Nancy Day-Achauer | April 12, 2009

He is Risen!

He is risen, how great is that?  How can I top it?  God came to earth and lived among us in Jesus of Nazareth.  Through Jesus, God chose to be in the trenches with us, trudging along like everyone else through the messiness of life.  Jesus could have lived in an “ivory tower” observing life.  He could have lived in a palace separate from the ordinary people.  But no, through Jesus God chose to experience real life with it’s joys, sorrows, and challenges.  God wanted to connect with us, really connect and that can’t be done from a distance.  And living like us also meant dying like us.  Jesus could have died quietly of old age, he could have died in a blaze of fame and glory; instead, Jesus opted for dying in a blaze of agony and humiliation, experiencing our worst.  But here’s the amazing part – death wasn’t the end!  Jesus overcame death for us.  Through his resurrection we know that absolutely nothing can separate us from God.  That’s the joy of Easter.  Christ arose so that we can be assured that nothing can separate us from God.

May you experience the blessings of Easter today and everyday.


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